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Erin Lunn"Connected Sound provides a truly amazing service to the a cappella community and I'm very excited about what they have to offer singing groups of all types.† Connected Sound is an important resource and will give quartets, choruses and even Regions the ability to professionally market themselves with ease. I strongly recommend everybody dive into a Connected Sound website right away. Way to go, guys!"


Laura Pallas"Santa Monica Chorus's Connected Sound website makes extensive use of all the great features that this phenomenal service provides. It has more than paid for itself with increased income from ticket sales, merchandise sales, and recruitment. A Connected Sound website is a must-have for any quartet, any chorus, big or small."


We just adore our site. In the few months since our Connected Sound site was launched we have already seen many prospective singers who learned about AHH! from www.ahhchorus.net. Our existing members are enjoying being able to find everything they need for chorus in the "members only" section. You guys are amazing. I've worked with many, many different internet programs over the past 15 years and have NEVER worked with a company as competent and responsive. THANK-YOU!!


Connected Sound makes creating a professional website a snap. The simple on-line system allows the chorus or quartet to pick and choose the features they want... and talk about features! The ability to create an on-line store and order business cards that match your website theme is invaluable. Questions are answered QUICKLY by their unsurpassed customer support. No matter if youíre a male or female group, there simply isnít a better website resource for the a cappella community than Connected Sound.